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    Free Downloadable Guides & Worksheets To Help You Worship Better

    Duas For Studying

    (Free Downloadable List)

    This free download provides students in school / college / university with some beautiful and powerful Du’as to aid in memorisation, concentration, and advanced learning. Click the image to download.

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    10 Powerful Duas from theQur’an & Sunnah

    Powerful Du’as that you can memorise and use every single day when invoking Allah (swt). Use especially during the last sitting of the prayer after reciting Attahiyyat and before ending with Salaams.

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    Gratitude Journal

    (Free Worksheet)

    A useful list of categorised blessings, designed to help you kick-start your journaling process by reminding you of the many blessings of Allah. Simply download and fill in. Repeat as often as you like.

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    Get Paid to use Social Media

    This remote job is for social media enthusiasts like you who'd love to earn an income from it.

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    Wealth DNA Code Reality Exposed


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    Get Paid to Review Apps on your phone

    You will have a wide range of apps to choose from to test and review, with new ones added each week. You can choose from games, health and fitness apps, cooking apps, photography apps, sports apps, music apps and more!

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    The BioEnergy Code

    The BioEnergy Code targets the specific areas where that negative energy is stored... and switches that energy from working against you to working for you. Because the BioEnergy Code targets all the areas of stored energy, there's no area in your life that won't be impacted.

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    Our Projects

    No catch. Just Connection.

    We’ve got the resources ready, and our team will support you every step of the way.

    Experienced Coach

    Exercise has many benefits: increases muscle tone, improves flexibility, enhances endurance, improves cardiovascular health and fights depression.

    Group Workout

    Join many other yoga students online and workout in a group just like you used to workout in a real yoga studio.

    Health Improvement

    After just one session you will instantly notice improvement in your heart rate, and calmness in your mind.

    Daily Reminders was founded in 2009 with a vision to help people transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities. Our mission is to remind, inspire faith, enable wellness opens minds, and provide a support system for entrepreneurs.

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